GAOTek presents a selection of instruments for water resource testing that include products such as ion meters, conductivity meters, pH and ORP meters, dissolved oxygen controllers, and liquid detectors. Water resource engineering is the prediction, planning, development and management of water resources. Our products cover a wide range of functionalities, some of them are equipped with conductance sensors and temperature sensors to test high purity water and perform automatic or manual temperature compensation.

Water Resource Engineering: A Detailed Description

Functions of Water Resource Testing Instruments

Our ion meters are designed to measure pH/pX, ion concentration, and potential temperature. Moreover, these devices provide several ion concentration measurements, including the direct reading of concentration, standard addition mode, sample addition mode, and GRAN mode.

Our conductivity meters provide a fast and dependable way to measure the electrical conductivity in a solution. Additionally, our ph and ORP meters are designed to monitor both pH and ORP at the same time and are excellent to use in wastewater treatment, water disinfection process and laboratory experiments.

Our dissolved oxygen controllers are rugged and easy to use devices with many functions, which include control of blowers, the measurement of waters in fish farming to controlling blowers on biological effluent treatment plants.


GAO Tek’s water resource testing instruments are rugged, reliable, and easy to use devices. Our products have a variety of features design to enhance performance such as automatic temperature compensation, quick and easy to calibrate, IP65 waterproof housing, a big display for easy reading, and provides an instant display of results. 

Applications and Industries

The products for water resource testing have a variety of applications in various industries that include hydroponicsaquaculture and freshwater systems to monitor the nutrients, salts or impurities in the water. Other uses include food sanitization, plating wastewater treatment, and cooling tower water treatment.


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