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Without any additional fee, members can attend the live presentations, and yet-to-be-published presentations, and other member only materials.


You shall be given a unique discount coupon code (UDCC).  You shall receive a payment of 5% of hardware, software, systems, services, memberships, and sponsorships online and offline by GAO Tek Inc. and GAO RFID Inc., purchase by others with your UDCC, excluding taxes, shipping charges and any fees paid to third parties.  They can use your UDCC to receive 10% off the hardware, software, systems, services, memberships and sponsorships online and offline offered by GAO Tek Inc.

Corporate Partnering & Career Opportunities with GAO

Please download for more details on the following opportunities:

(1) Corporate Partnering with GAO RFID Inc: If your company’s customers require RFID & IoT, we would love to partner with you to help you sell your products, solutions and/or services, together with ours.

(2) Part Time Partnering/Career Opportunities: If you own a one- or several-persons business or have a part time job and are an experienced tech sales person, you are welcome to partner with us to work as a part-time tech sales person to sell our products, solutions and services together with the ones from your existing position.

(3) Part & Full Time Job Opportunities: If you are a tech sales looking for career opportunities, you can apply for technical sales, account managers, applications sales engineers, regional sales managers, or VP sales for GAO RFID Inc. or GAO Tek Inc.