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ID: A0080006tek

Time/Frequency Sync Analyzer absolutely complies with latest ITU-T time/frequency test standards, and provides high precision measurement, study and assessment on the time/frequency indexes.

ID: 217005tek

This 2.45 GHz handheld RFID reader combines the functions of a PDA and an RFID data collection terminal into this rugged compact device.

ID: 216017tek

This 8-Port smart UHF RFID reader embedded with an Impinj R2000 "Indy" reader chip features carrier cancellation technology and provides unmatched read accuracy, reliability and range.

ID: 246024tek

This UHF handheld Bluetooth interface reader for Android & Windows Mobile could drastically improve efficiency and accuracy of your inventories and goods reception.

ID: 246019tek

This rugged handheld RFID Bluetooth reader has been deployed in a wide range of applications.

ID: 246018tek

This handheld mobile computer combines the functions of a UHF RFID reader and 1D/2D Barcode Scanner.

ID: 246016tek

This advanced handheld RFID mobile terminal has full tag data read/write capabilities and is compliant with ISO18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocols.

ID: 246002tek

The handheld passive RFID reader is a cost-effective, compact, and EPC global-certified device which is designed for both in-premise and in-field applications.

ID: 216026tek

This integrated RFID reader provides a wide selection of connectivity.