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ID: A0080006tek

Time/Frequency Sync Analyzer absolutely complies with latest ITU-T time/frequency test standards, and provides high precision measurement, study and assessment on the time/frequency indexes.

ID: 217005tek

This 2.45 GHz handheld RFID reader combines the functions of a PDA and an RFID data collection terminal into this rugged compact device.

ID: 216017tek

This 8-Port smart UHF RFID reader embedded with an Impinj R2000 "Indy" reader chip features carrier cancellation technology and provides unmatched read accuracy, reliability and range.

ID: 246024tek

This UHF handheld Bluetooth interface reader for Android & Windows Mobile could drastically improve efficiency and accuracy of your inventories and goods reception.

ID: 246019tek

This rugged handheld RFID Bluetooth reader has been deployed in a wide range of applications.

ID: 246018tek

This handheld mobile computer combines the functions of a UHF RFID reader and 1D/2D Barcode Scanner.

ID: 246016tek

This advanced handheld RFID mobile terminal has full tag data read/write capabilities and is compliant with ISO18000-6C/EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocols.

ID: 246002tek

The handheld passive RFID reader is a cost-effective, compact, and EPC global-certified device which is designed for both in-premise and in-field applications.

ID: 216026tek

This integrated RFID reader provides a wide selection of connectivity.

ID: 246021tek

Integrates a linear polarized antenna for medium range applications.

ID: 246022tek

Provides Enhanced GPS enabling data with 1 to 2 meters accuracy.

ID: 246017tek

Combines the functions of a UHF RFID reader and a 1D/2D Barcode Scanner.

ID: 246020tek

Provides a variety of data collection methods.

ID: 246004tek

Provides a smart combination of Interfaces.

ID: 246003tek

High performance reader integrated with mobile computer.

ID: 285001tek

This UHF Gen 2 Portable Reader/Writer is a multi-protocol RFID device.

ID: 236021tek

This integrated UHF USB & Bluetooth reader is a cost effective solution.

ID: 530008tek

This active RFID end-cap reader for Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro G2 is a powerful, robust and cost-effective mobile tool.

ID: 223005tek

The GAO HF Pistol Grip mobile computerized RFID Reader/Writer is designed specifically to read RFID tag data in the 13.56 MHz access range.

ID: 223003tek

The high performance reader module is integrated with Unitech RH767 rugged mobile computer.

ID: 223004tek

The RFID Blue Tooth Paddle Reader provides a smart combination of Interfaces for enterprise IT managers wanting to integrate RFID into their systems.

ID: 243002tek

This 13.56 MHz PDA based RFID reader/writer, 140 Rugged PDA, is designed for industrial and outdoor environments.

ID: 223012tek

The wireless HF (13.56 MHz) Bluetooth based RFID Reader/Writer is compatible with most kinds of HF(13.56 MHz) cards.

ID: 243014tek

This 13.56 MHz HF handheld RFID reader is an ideal solution for access control, postal service, warehouse management, logistics and personal identification.

ID: 243003tek

This RFID enabled, rugged, mobile computing device is packed with features and is a great choice for work in the field.

ID: 222016tek

This 134.2 kHz rugged handheld stick reader is specially designed for applications including logistics, animal tracking, warehouse management and access control.

ID: 212009tek

This portable RFID stick reader is commonly used for mobile applications and is suitable for use in harsh environment such as feedlots, auction barns and abattoirs.

ID: 222014tek

This series of low frequency RFID Readers for Animal Tracking provide a low cost easy-to-use system.

ID: 222015tek

The wireless LF (134 KHz) Bluetooth based RFID device is compatible with most kinds of LF(134 KHz) cards.

ID: 222012tek

The wireless LF (134 KHz) Bluetooth based RFID device is compatible with most kinds of LF(134 KHz) cards.

ID: 246005tek

This flexible, handheld computer terminal is an ideal choice as an RFID Reader and has been proven successful in a number of applications.

ID: 223013tek

This 13.56 MHz handheld Bluetooth RFID reader incorporates both USB and Bluetooth data transfer options.

ID: 221013tek

The wireless LF (125 KHz) Bluetooth based RFID device is compatible with most kinds of LF(125 KHz) cards.

ID: 491013tek

This position marker is specially used to determine exact locations of specially equipped tags.

ID: 491014tek

This adjustable position marker is used to determine exact locations of specially equipped tags.

ID: A0110009tek

This portable battery conductance tester is a multi-functional data storage measurement instrument for testing a battery’s operating condition and parameters quickly and precisely.


This lightweight portable 4-channel, 60 MHz automotive diagnostic oscilloscope has a wide input voltage range from 8 V to 36 V, making it suitable for vehicle power tests

ID: A0490002tek

This rugged industrial panel PC is equipped with 400 MHz SAMSUNG S3C2416 processor as its computing engine.

ID: A0K20006tek

This high performance bluetooth/USB wireless data logger is specially designed for long time recording of voltage, current, resistance, continuity and capacitance and is able to create trend curves in real time

ID: A0070007tek

This handheld, lightweight Spectrum Analyzer is designed to locate, analyse and map the signal interference and is very useful for wireless communication field engineers to characterize the signal environment.

ID: A0020004tek

This Data Transmission Analyzer with E1/T1 BER Tester is a handheld communications test set which can be used for E1 digital circuit, DDN and error bit test for data communication system with the transport fiber