GAOTek provides a large selection of high-quality and cost-effective Bit Error Rate (BER) testers. GAOTek’s BER Testers are easy-to-use devices that are vital for validating or certifying digital designs. These devices let users quickly and accurately test cables and diagnose signal problems in the field. These devices provide easy validation and adjustment of transceivers, so they can check and produce a variety of bit patterns. The BER testers are designed to measure the number of errors in a data transmission system. A data transmission system is an equipment that passes the data from one location to another, takes in data and outputs the data, or transforming it in the process. The number of errors can be reported as a simple count of bits in error or as a ratio of bits in error to total bits checked. This ratio is commonly referred to as the Bit Error Rate. Given the advanced features and functions, GAOTek’s effective and reliable BER testers are the perfect solution for any telecommunication technician or engineer.


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ID: A0020004tek

This Data Transmission Analyzer with E1/T1 BER Tester is a handheld communications test set which can be used for E1 digital circuit, DDN and error bit test for data communication system with the transport fiber