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GAOTek offers a wide range of high-performance Bluetooth testers to perform a complete compliance test for qualifying your Bluetooth networks at a competitive price. While regular Bluetooth testers sequentially measure power, modulation, frequency accuracy and also frequency drift, several GAOTek’s testers have the function to perform all these measurements in a single test cycle, which makes the instruments highly effective in production applications. For use in the lab, Bluetooth testers offer traces for power, modulation, and spectrum, which are output in real-time on a large graphical display. Whether you’re engaged in Bluetooth R&D, preparing for Bluetooth technology product qualification, or setting up and running a Bluetooth technology product manufacturing line, GAOTek’s testers can help you build a test solution to meet your specific Bluetooth technology needs.

Function of Bluetooth Testers

Bluetooth testers are able to analyze the data of every packet that is transmitted to the upper application protocol layer using the protocol stack. In addition, they enable the user to examine the transmitting and receiving signal function. Some of the devices have built-in signal waveform analysis functions such as spectrum analysis, modulation analysis, and period power analysis which enable the user to perform various RF tests simply and conveniently. Moreover, since several Bluetooth testers have important test cases include EDR built-in, they allow technicians to check the eligibility of the product standard simply and easily. GAO Tek offers an extensive portfolio of Bluetooth technology test instruments, software and systems that provide the right solution for every phase of Bluetooth communication product development.


GAO Tek’s Bluetooth testers are simple to use, lightweight and portable. They can run test at extremely high speed and provide very short measurement times for high throughput in production. The devices feature a high quality display which indicates measurement results. Some testers contain a highly flexible remote control programming which makes it easy to adapt measurement on figurations to any specific test requirements, and measurements are then performed at maximum possible speed. Some of them also offer automated/manual testing functions and upgradable software. GAO Tek’s testers eliminates the need for several costly testers by combining key RF, Audio, and Protocol test & measurement functions in one convenient box.

Applications and Industries

GAO Tek’s Bluetooth testers are designed for a wide range of Bluetooth testing applications in R&D, manufacturing, QA and service.

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