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QAM and PCM Analyzers

GAOTek provides a wide range of high performance and inexpensive QAM/PCM analyzers. Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and pulse code modulation (PCM) analyzers are convenient instruments with top to bottom estimations and adaptable setups. Additionally, these devices have integrated functions of  analog signal generators/receivers, BERT, signaling generators/receivers, selective level meters, ring generators/ identifications, dialers, DC loop circuits (ICT, OGT), balanced bridges and reflecting bridges into solitary instruments. These analyzers are ideal for installing and maintaining digital and analog networks.


QAM tests are used to calculate PCM voice encoding and decoding performance characteristics. They are used to measure PCM devices, digital switches, carrier wave communication devices, and VoIP devices. Moreover, they provide remote controls via USB or Ethernet interfaces to develop and design voice channel measurement/ control systems. QAM testers can also compare the measured results with built-in standard ITU-T tolerance mask, and these test results can then be transferred to a PC for further viewing, examining, assembling, and printing via the included software. QAM are designed for testing signal levels, quantizing distortions, idle channel noises, return losses, and longitudinal balance losses.


QAM analyzers have multi-task operations that allow a user to test and browse previous test records. Measurement results can be transferred to PCs via USB interfaces for analyzing, archiving, and printing. Also, they have a built-in call set-up circuits in need of testing channels by dialing on the testers without the use of a telephone. Moreover, their built-in generators and receivers are analog input and output interface which are separated into ICT and OGT can be directly tested through 2/4W E&M, MDR, LGE, FXO, LGS, and FXS. Lastly, QAM testers have built-in balanced bridges ad reflecting bridges to measure return losses, longitudinal conversion losses and longitudinal conversion transfer losses.

Applications and Industries

QAM/PCM channel analyzers are for installing and maintaining digital and analog networks. They are widely used in applications such as digital cable broadcast test and monitoring, RF reception quality measurement, head end or field testing, R&D streams or signal analysis, digital cable troubleshooting, installation & maintenance test tool, portable demonstration setup, CATV signal measurement, scientific research, and analog signal measurement.

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