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CCTV & Video Equipment

Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) are video surveillance that use video cameras to transmit signals to specific sets of monitors. GAOTek offers a wide array of high quality and inexpensive CCTV and video related equipment such as multi-functional CCTV testers and color video quad processors for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally.

Multi-functional CCTV testers are used for on-site maintenance or installation of IP cameras, analog cameras, network devices, video displays, PTZ controls, audio tests, and color generators. Some of these equipments have unique functions such as POE power supply testing, PING testing, IP address scan, video screen shot, video record, image magnification, port flicker, cable search, and LED lamp.

The color video quad processor system allows the users to control the video output using different display modes such as quad split, full screen, PIP (picture in picture), dual screen, image motion detection, independent adjustment, video parameters, and auto sequence.


CCTV and video devices control the video output of monitors and can be pared up with video surveillance VCR recorders. Moreover, these devices have power supply and wireless remote control allowing users to access all settings and controls. They are used with digital technology to process and store the video information received from the camera. The incoming video image is transformed into digital signal by an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, then information is stored and clocked out at a predetermined rate by the video processor.


CCTV and video devices work in real-time monitoring with a built-in clock and date generator, thus every sequence can be easily tracked. These devices have an alarm mode that is enabled for video loss, video motion, or external alarm. Moreover, CCTV and video devices have selectable sequence switch, providing single-screen or PIP, and zoom/freeze images. Some of these devices need power source and others are wireless remote controlled. CCTV and video devices are small and compact which makes them portable and easy for CCTV professionals to set up, and maintain CCTV systems. These devices are great due to their work efficiency, thus reducing time in the field.

Applications and Industries

CCTV and video devices are designed for video surveillance that require monitoring such as bank, casinos, airports, industrial plant, military institution, convenience store, police department, and etc. Also they are used in public area, crime prevention places, schools, subway trains, retail stores, and home security.

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