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Industrial Tablet PCs

Industrial-grade tablets are used every day in military, healthcare, industrial, retail, and in outdoor workplaces. Why industrial-grade tablets are necessary in these environments is because they oftentimes need something that’s ruggedly built, waterproof, supporting a wide variety of network connections from general WiFi and Bluetooth to GPS and NFC, and which has additional capabilities in data collection. For example, GAOTek’s industrial tablets can collect data on fingerprints or be used as a 1D or 2D barcode scanner.

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Using advanced industrial-grade terminal technologies, GAOTek industrial tablets can be purposed in tough or dirty environments that are normally hazardous to tablet devices. In the casing, you get everything you need to have a drop-resistant and thoroughly protected tablet. Depending on the model as well, the battery life is an industry standard with many hours of continuous standby. Needless to say, consumer tablets aren’t comparable to this industrial-grade counterpart.

As a Windows/Android tablet, it also supports all sizes of USB connections, can be used as a docking charger extension, supports GPS navigation, has a Dragontrail Glass Touch Panel, and comes complete with an IP65 or higher protection level. Ergonomically designed and easily configured, GAOTek industrial tablets have the durability and reliability to work in any environment. Don’t be limited in where you can take it. Industrial grade rugged tablets can improve productivity and provide employees with more support in the field or on the job.

GAOTek industrial tablets are highly recommended for any business owner in need of an integrated mobile, rugged computing solution. Rugged devices like these have the stability you need to capture, process, and transfer data in even the toughest of conditions. In warehousing, military, flight operations, factory maintenance, the transportation industry, in a police or fire department or in emergency services, there are requirements and/or regulatory policies which need to be adhered to. Any of our rugged industrial tablets can help you meet any standards while enhancing your data workflow.

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