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Ethernet and Others

GAOTek offers a selection of budget-friendly and high-quality Ethernet testers and other cable solutions products such as time analyzers, and PTN/IP RAN testers. These products are designed for telecommunication testing and have protocols that measure accuracy up to nanosecond. Also, they can analyze, and evaluate the synchronization deviation on a variety of time and frequency interfaces. Our products are built to help the needs of the users by improving both work efficiency and quality.


Ethernet Testers are handheld devices that integrate functions such as network test and monitoring, data packet sniffing, traffic generator, cable test and BER test into one single unit. It is widely used in testing BER of layer1, layer2, layer3, and full-featured RFC-2544. It can also analyze the network quality and locate the fault rapidly.

GAOTek’s time & frequency analyzers evaluate time and frequency synchronization and perform high-precision measurements based on the IEEE 1588v2 time and clock synchronous system. It also performs statistics and analysis on time signal with random deviation.


Ethernet testers and other cable products are inexpensive, easy to fit, and compact devices. Our products aim to enhance performance due to their LCD color touch screen with smart-menu navigation, and auto-power save functions. Other features for these products are large storage capability, display of results graphically or numerically, and RFC2544 automated test, capable of fast network testing and locating the fault. Furthermore, some of our products have real-time capture and display TOD messages, store test results of TOD, and real-time display of PTP protocol synchronization process.

Applications and Industries

Ethernet testers and other cable products are used for many applications including helping technician to determine that the transmitted traffic is getting received promptly, and determining if the link has errors or is operating nominally. They can efficiently and accurately verify whether network systems and services meet the specified quality and functionality. Other applications include terminal mode test, traffic performance test, data loopback, G.703 E1 PING test, and V interface PING test within others.

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