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Ethernet Media Converters

GAO Tek’s fast fiber converters are appropriate for all businesses and service provider applications. They offer an inbuilt processor that persistently screens both the copper and fiber connections. Fast fiber converters are useful for the most part referred to as “Link Pass-Through”, where it screens the conditions of the connection to the end gadgets and which guarantees that every end-point knows whether the whole connection is active or not. A few fiber converters essentially join the connection despite the fact that the remote copper gadgets might be down or if the fiber link is broken. GAO Tek’s converters are easy to setup and install. These compact and value-conscious fiber converters feature auto-switching MDI and MDI-X supporting on the RJ45 UTP connections as well as manual control for UTP mode, speed, full and half duplex, and LFPT (link fault pass-through).

Functions of Fast Fiber Converters

GAO Tek’s fast fiber converters connect UTP coppers to fibers. They give a conservative way to develop the separation of a current system. The devices provide a simple solution for connecting Ethernet networks to remote locations using multi-mode fibers while delivering solid network performance and scalability. Fast fiber converters provide connectivity to users or network segments that are in isolated areas. They connect traffic control or monitoring systems at extreme distances to the main office. Fast fiber converters can also extend network connectivity to remote areas of stadiums, auditoriums or other venues.


GAO Tek’s fast fiber converters are noticed for their simplicity such as non-management features, guaranteed reliability, and extremely affordable cost. They also provide stable operation in harsh industrial environments. Designed under IEEE 802.3u, 10/100 Base-TX and 100 Base-FX standards, these devices support full wire speed forwarding rates. The rates of duplex settings on both media are indistinguishable. This means that they comprise of two sets of transmitters, each with their medium-subordinate interfaces (when no information recording is essential) or their media-autonomous interfaces are combined consecutive in a double simplex manner. They can transport either half-duplex or full-duplex activity, however, both sides must match. Exchanging converters contain a system connection and can associate two half-duplex sections without joining their crash areas. These converters can typically be overseen by a system association or a neighborhood console.

Applications and Industries

Fast fiber converters are widely used wherever long network runs are required that exceed the 100 meters maximum segment length of traditional copper UTP/STP such as large Corporate or University campuses, large high rise buildings or Municipal buildings that cover a wide area or wherever ground loops or voltage spikes from lightning may be cause for concern. They can also be used in industrial/manufacturing facilities or in environments where the introduction of stray electrical signals are strictly regulated such as hospitals, clean rooms, and aircraft.

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