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Light Sources

In fiber optics, a light source is used for transmitting light from a source to a remote location to perform a specific task, such as detecting faults, measuring the optical loss and testing fiber continuity. GAOTek offers a full range of light sources for testing single-mode and/or multimode fiber networks. GAOTek’s light sources perform a variety of functions; while some are multipurpose instruments with automated features, others are optimized for performing specific tasks such as testing for fiber loss and continuity for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally.

GAOTek’s Light sources can be used in combination with other types of test equipment such as optical power meters and fiber identifiers for testing the fiber optic cables. Our Light Sources are powered with advanced technology and are highly precise and accurate with measurements.

Our  Light Sources are professional, versatile, compact and provide high output and stability at an economical price.

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Functions of Light Sources

GAO Tek designs optical light sources for the installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. Some of these products can transmit wave ID information with specific optical power meters. These devices can be covered with different wavelengths to meet with specific requirements such as single mode or multi-mode. Light sources can be used in conjunction with other types of test equipment such as optical power meters and fiber identifiers for testing the fiber optic cables. The light sources can transmit with a wavelength-identification digital encrypted protocol, so that any compatible unit—the Power Meter and the Optical Loss Test Set—can automatically use the proper calibration parameters. They reduce the need for communication between the two technicians and decrease the potential of errors.


GAO Tek’s fiber optic light sources can give quick and accurate testing results. They can operate with different frequencies so it is easy to operate. These products usually have several fiber ports so they can be used with different patch cords. Light source devices give high accuracy and reliability to evaluate a wide range of optical devices and systems. These products usually have intelligent backlight controls so it is easy to work at night or in a dark place. They also have LCD displays to view the output power values. These products can operate with AC and DC power supply with a long lasting battery life. Moreover, they have low battery indication so technicians can identify and arrange power as needed. The devices are lightweight which make them portable and very easy to use. Light sources can operate in standard minimum negative and maximum positive average temperature so they can be used in most country environments.

Applications and Industries

Light source devices usually are used in LAN, WAN for the purpose of telecommunication networks, CATV systems, and long distance optical networks. In fiber optics, light sources are used to emit electromagnetic radiation in order to perform a specific task, whether detecting faults, breaks and microbends, characterizing link-loss or certifying LAN/WANs. 

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