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Light Sources

Fiber optic light sources are a low-cost way to analyze and identify accurate fiber optic readings, while certifying optical fiber. Receive the ability to measure fiber optic light continuity, loss, and quality of the signal.

Light sources are an essential element of the fiber optic testing process. They’re used by technicians to stimulate the optical voice, video, and data signals of real-life service applications.

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To keep it simple, a light source – usually laser or LED – is used to initiate electromagnetic radiation to do things like detect faults, breaks, or micro-bends, characterize link-loss, and/or to certify LAN/WANs. Through a light source, needless to say, there’s a lot which can be deciphered about a fiber optic connection.

Flexible in use for short and long-term fiber optic testing needs, equip yourself with what you need to maximize uptime, minimize downtime, and keep a fiber optic network properly maintained and optimized. For simple, fast troubleshooting and verification needs, GAOTek fiber optic light sources are held up as among the best in the industry.

GAOTek has a full range of light sources for testing single-mode and multi-mode fiber networks. Available for sale in the United States, Canada, and globally, you’ll find our light sources serve several functions. Some of GAOTek’s light sources are multi-purpose instruments with numerous automated features, while others are uniquely optimized to perform specific testing such as for fiber loss and continuity.

GAOTek light sources are frequently used in combination with other fiber test equipment, including optical power meters and fiber identifiers. In-the-field testing of fiber optic cables have never been easier, thanks to GAOTek’s light sources. Complete with advanced technology, measurements are always highly precise and accurate. See high output and stability at a competitive price, with a high performance-to-cost ratio. For technicians in need of a versatile and compact measurement tool, check out GAOTek light sources.

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