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Laser Sources

GAO Tek’s laser sources are outlined as the power source for fiber optics testing. These high-performance laser sources are small and reliable. They are ideal instruments for optical network installation, troubleshoot, and maintenance in fiber optic systems. Laser sources can transmit optical signs with different wavelengths and customize powers as indicated by the necessities. Laser sources are widely used for LAN, WAN, CATV and long-distance optical networks. Paired together with optical power meters, they can be used to distinguish fibers, accurately measure fiber signal loss, check continuity, and help to evaluate the transfer quality of fiber transmission. These intelligent laser sources additionally have components, for example, auto wavelength identification, backing of continuous wave, various modulation, auto-exchanging modes, and capacity to associate with a PC through a USB port.

Functions of Laser Sources

GAO Tek’s laser sources can boost kilowatt levels of nonstop yield power due to the fiber's high surface territory to volume proportion, which permits effective cooling. The fiber's properties decrease or take out warm bending of the optical way, regularly delivering a diffraction-constrained, top notch optical shaft. Fiber lasers are smaller contrasted with bar or gas lasers of equivalent force, in light of the fact that the fiber can be twisted and looped to spare space. Fiber lasers display high temperature and vibrational dependability. They provide amplified lifetime, and support free operation. Fiber lasers have low expense of ownership and currently being utilized to make elite gadgets. These lasers raise throughput and lower the expense of possession in contrast with more seasoned strong state laser technology.


GAO Tek’s laser sources contain rechargeable Lithium batteries that can last for a long hour of operation. Laser sources are consisted of a high pixel genuine nature LCD display and a brilliant route menu, making them perfect and easy to use for any field experts or specialist. The GAO test console software for laser sources bolstered by WIN2000/ME/XP. There are several wavelength settings accessible (single mode/multimode) too. These laser sources come with USB communication cable and Li-ion rechargeable battery (built-in). GAO provides test console setup CD (user manual), user guide, quality certificate card, maintenance card and packing list which allow users to easily understand and control the devices.

Applications and Industries

Laser sources are a key technology in modern communications, allowing services such as the Internet. Laser sources transmit UV, visible, near infrared and infrared wavelengths to meet the stringent needs of laser OEMs.

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