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Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

GAO Tek offers a large collection of handheld fusion splicing devices that are designed for single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber splicing. These optical fiber fusion splicers use high-speed image processing technology and special accuracy positioning technology. As fiber fusion splicers are compact and lightweight, they allow users to easily carry and work in confined places. GAO Tek’s fiber fusion splicers are used for SM, MM, DS, NZDS and user-defined optical fibers. Generally, the main advantages of splicers are a simple operation, high-speed fusion, and low fusion loss.

Functions of Fiber Fusion Splicers

Fiber fusion splicers are used for joining two optical fibers end-to-end using heat. The main reason for joining two optical fibers are that the light can pass through the fiber and set up the network connectivity. The splicing process starts with preparing both fibers ends for fusion. Users need to remove all protective coatings or stripped from both ends of each fiber. The quality of each fiber ends is inspected using a microscope. The fusion splicers fix both these fiber angles and they are spliced together after the two fibers are automatically aligned by fusion splicers in x, y, z plane. Before removing the spliced fibers from the fusion splicers, proof tests make sure that the splices are strong enough to survive handling, packaging, and extended use. After the splicing process, the spiced fibers will be covered by fusion splice protector sleeves to ensure that they won’t break. 


GAO Tek’s fusion splicers have built-in factory modes and user modes for fusion and heating methods. These machines have fine alignment, core alignment, and cladding alignment methods. Fiber fusion splicers are designed for continuous splicing and heating. They have built-in standard tension force test. Optical fiber fusion splicers work with different diameter of cladding and coating for optical fiber alignment. These fixtures of the optical fiber are replaceable and can apply to various types of optical fiber cables. With built-in memory, these optical fiber fusion splicers can store a huge number of measurement results.

Applications and Industries

Optical fiber fusion splicers are well-suited for optical fiber communication engineering and maintenance of communication fields such as telecommunications, broadcasting, railways, petrochemical, power supply, the armed forces, public security, and other areas.


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