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Optical Fiber Identifiers

GAOTek proudly offers an extensive variety of reasonably priced and high-performing Optical Fiber Identifiers that are extremely reliable in detecting the presence of signals on optical fibers. These devices ensure the connection of live fibers and are capable of tracking fibers from end to end. Optical Fiber Identifiers are mostly used by engineers and technical experts so as to detect dark or live fibers, or any massive loss because of misalignment of mechanical joints or poor connections. However, they are perfect for installations and maintenance of broadcast communications and CATV networks, including other fiber optic systems.

Functions of Optical Fiber Identifiers

The main function of the Optical Fiber Identifiers is to indicate whether there is no signal, tone or traffic and any connected signal direction on the fibers. These devices are locked onto fibers, where they provoke a safe macro-bend and allow a small emission of light. The same light which is emitted helps to identify the presence of network traffics, test tones or CW signals and display the direction of the signals. The direction of transmitted fibers can be easily detected and the relative core power can be displayed by the Optical Fiber Identifiers without causing any damage to the curved fibers. Also, users can obtain real-time operational information on a fiber network and eradicate the risks associated with accidental interruption of revenue service. Similarly, time and money are saved when compared to more explicit measurements.


GAOTek is extremely focused in providing a broad range of high-performing Optical Fiber Identifiers that fit the requirements of every single customer. The fundamental features of these devices are portability, user-friendliness (One Key Operation) and inexpensive.   These high-quality devices allow users to rapidly detect the optical signals without cutting off fibers or interrupting the traffic system. The availability of latest technologies allows these devices to detect the traffic directions and effectively distinguish an extensive range of optical tones (270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz). A safe and reliable macro bending technology is also provided by the identifiers, enabling them to find optical signals, ensuring that the communication network is not disrupted and that the fibers are not damaged. These devices also have Ø0.25, Ø0.9, Ø2.0 and Ø3.0 easy-to-swap adaptors to fit different optical cables and they are known to be crucial tools for fixing and preserving fiber networks.

Applications and Industries

Optical Fiber Identifiers are used to detect dark or live fibers, validate continuity via splices and connectors, find signal direction (transmit or receive), trace signals by using tone generators. Relative loss measurements, fiber identification for routing, and overall installation and troubleshooting are some of the applications for which these tools are used. Several industries, for example, CATV, telecom, digital, and service industry are greatly assisted by Optical Fiber Identifiers.

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