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OTDR Testers with VFL

Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs) with Vision Fault Locating (VFL) tester are the most recent and updated technological products supplied by GAOTek. These sophisticated devices are mainly used to locate fiber communication networks, and provide a collection of built-in wavelengths ranging from auto, manual, or real time tests. The VFL included in the OTDRs allows these devices to focus on dead zone test, enabling users to examine and spot any dead zone. A standard OTDR cannot perform the same task. On the other hand, OTDR testers are cautiously designed to adhere to the national benchmarks. Therefore, GAOTek provides you with perfect OTDRs with VFL for any new fiber installation, continuous maintenance, or identification of damaged areas.

Functions of the OTDRs with VFL

The major functions of OTDRs with VFL are to validate newly established fibers, to perform constant follow-ups, and to detect faults on the fiber optic networks. Many specialists use these equipment to yield fiber optic networks from one end of the fiber, obtain and measure familiar events, for example, joints, connectors, splitters, extensive scale curves and fiber end. OTDR testers and fault locators can be utilized in single and multi-mode as well as in FTTx PONs networking environments. These devices register fiber lengths, losses and ORL together with locations, and any other identified events. The test results can be stored in these devices or can be transferred to PCs for further study or secured storage. OTDRs with VFL can also test the distance between two points, progressively show the exact distance, and react rapidly. OTDR testers display the loss distribution curves between two points, the loss consistency of the optical fibers and cables, and the amount of joint loss.


GAOTek's OTDRs with VFL have USB ports that enable them to save and extract information when needed. The results obtained can be quickly uploaded to a PC through either a USB cable or USB drive for double-checking, printing, and examining with the provided Windows compatibility software- Test Results Manager (TRM). The same software provides a confirmation report taking into consideration the outline and information resulting from the events, inclusive or exclusive of pass/fall flat sign, occasion maps, and end-face images. Colored touch screens and durable batteries which last for long hours are included in OTDR testers. Even universal FC/SC/ST connector types which are suitable for surface cleaning are integrated. These high-performing devices are fabricated in such a way that they enable users to work in any circumstance and under auto, manual, dead zone, or real-time test mode.

Applications and Industries

Business sectors such as aviation and defense, electric utility, and hardware manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, security, as well as transportation mostly use OTDRs with VFL.

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