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PON Power Meters

GAOTek’s passive optical network (PON) power meter are the devices that are specifically used to measure the average power in fiber optic systems and for the development and measurement of power in optical signals. They are light in weight, small and user-friendly test instruments. PON power meters are comprised of measuring amplifier, display and calibrated sensors that gives perfect test results from fiber optic systems. They are useful in checking transmission delays, link burst ability, service integrity and performance availability.

Functions of PON Power Meters

After testing the optical fiber, PON power meters can save numerous test results in their systems or memories. The users can connect these PON power meters to the computer as USB ports are fitted for data upload, optical power calibration, and threshold modification. PON optical power meters are built for field testing and optimized for field engineers. Moreover, they are designed to hook into a live PON (Passive Optical Network) circuit, and simultaneously test the optical power in different directions and wavelengths.

PON optical power meters are majorly used in APON, BPON, EPON and GPON network measurements. PON power meters can provides large groups of configurable threshold values for flexible selections and with the feature of visible fault locators, they can effectively identify fibers and locate faults. PON power meter are designed to measure continuous levels of light from the source. after the test, power meter can save various test results in their systems or memories. Moreover, user can connect power meter to the computer with the help of USB port for data upload, threshold modification and optical power calibration. . PON optical power meters are specially designed and optimized for field engineers for field testing. They can be easily fastened into a live PON circuit and at the same time, can be used to test the optical power in different directions and wavelengths.


GAOTek's PON control meters are portable, lightweight and can be easily managed. They have advanced universal FC/SC/ST interchangeable optical adapters and they are additionally accompanied with a smart navigation menu. These devices perform upstream optical power test over ONU 1310 nm under both constant and burst modes. They are equipped with latest and upgradable programming. Moreover, they have long lasting battery life which provide real time power sign. These devices come with quick start operation and power saving design that eliminate the warmup and bootup time as well as makes the device more reliable, strong and easy to use.

Applications and Industries

PON power meters are fully suitable for detecting optical test light and they are viable for certain tasks related to telecom maintenance. These PON power meters are exclusively utilized in field engineering and telecommunication systems.

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