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10 Gb/s (10km) BIDI SFP+ Connection

Fiber System Straight Connection BIDI SFP+

Item No Product ID Description
1 GAO-SFPPBD-104 GAOTek SFP+ BIDI Transceiver with 10 Gb/s (10km)
 2 GAO-FRC-101  GAOTek Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord
 3 GAO-SFPP -108 GAOTek SFP+ Transceiver with 10 Gb/s (10km)
 4 GAO-OLT-102 GAOTek GPON OLT for FTTH Network 1U 16 PON Ports (2 x 10 GE or 8 x GE Uplink)

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