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Visible Laser Source

Visible laser sources empower you to isolate light leaks or breaks in both single-mode and multimode link. They additionally distinguish micro-bends, macro-bends, poor splices, and split connectors. The handheld visible laser sources are utilized to discover fiber faults and are reasonable for single mode and multi-mode fiber. They utilize visible red light to demonstrate the area of fiber faults from a macro bend point, break, problem coupler or connector or a mechanical splice that is not well aligned. They can recognize the faults in fiber jumpers, jumper sheets, distribution frame and tie-in. The laser sources conquer the standard confinement of the dead zone of an OTDR to precisely identify fiber fault positions making it a perfect instrument for the establishment and maintenance of optical systems.

Functions of Visible Laser Sources

The visible laser sources are handheld devices which are used to find faults in the fiber. They are suitable for both multimode and single mode fiber and hence come under the category of visual fault series and promise to do it properly. They provide the visible laser source to test fiber curves and break faults, ideally used with an OTDR. Being compact and user-friendly, they also inhibit the features like low voltage warning, automatic power off and energy save the design. Visible laser sources provide a source to test fiber curve & break faults. They are a perfect helper to use with an OTDR. They are also suitable for single mode (SM), multimode (MM) fiber and for heavy duty use.


The visible laser sources are compact and they have a simple button operation. Their features also include low voltage warning, automatic power off and energy-save design. FC, ST, SC adapters are available to interface with them. Moreover, they have narrow linewidth and they have active power stabilization to ensure long term power stability. Having excellent wavelength stability to ensure spectral purity, they are also easy to control. They have high reliability and are maintenance free. Visible laser sources include a rough aluminum enclosure and they are operated with only one alkaline battery; this allows long hours operations.

Applications and Industries

Visible laser sources have various industrial applications. They are used in scientific research, in fields such as photonics, chemistry, physics, and medicine. They are also useful in the fields of robotics.


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