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Melting Point Testers

GAOTek offers industry leading melting point testers which are used to determine the melting point of a substance. The unit comes with a display which the melt can be watched in real time, or the melt video will be automatically saved on the unit or PC to be reviewed later. Our devices have touch screen display that can set the plateau temperature and then select the ramp rate for graduate increments of temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

GAOTek’s innovative melting point testers have built-in printer for easy visualization of the melting points per substance, intelligent temperature control for easy motorization, and photoelectric real-time test. Melting point testers are generally used in medicines, dyes, perfumes, and other organic crystal substances. Moreover, our devices can directly display the melting curve, average function of the initial value and final melting points automatically.


These devices are used as scientific devices to determine the melting point of a substance. The use of digital temperature sensor and display makes these units more accurate, safer and easy-to-use. Most apparatus use a sealed capillary and the sample is loaded into the capillary. The sample is heated and as the temperature increases the sample is observed to determine the phase change from solid to liquid. The apparatus records the temperature range starting with the initial phase change and ending with the completed phase change. The recorded temperature range is determined by averaging to obtain the melting point of the examined sample.


  •       LCD Display
  •        Designed to measure and record the melting point of 3 samples simultaneously
  •        Equipped with high resolution camera for capturing sample images being displayed on high resolution monitor; helps user determine sample melting point accurately
  •        Entry by digital keyboard and offers a real-time direct display of melting curve

The apparatus can be widely used in the chemical industry and medicine research and is essential to produce medicines, spices, dyes and measurement of other organic crystal substances.

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