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RFID Accessories

GAOTek proudly presents their wide-ranging and ever-growing variety of RFID accessories. RFID is an essential technology which promises a variety of devices used by many in the varying industries for tracing certain items. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields which help to automatically recognize and track tags attached to certain objects. These devices usually store information which can either be tracked or transmitted for specific purposes. From animal tags to credit cards, the daily use of RFID is not always evident but surely over the past few decades and the upcoming decades, it will be very necessary. The device has the ability to store information, track information and scan information within the device.
GAOTek has worked for many years to developed RFID accessories that are high in quality, affordable, and are accurately precise. They are very versatile instruments for additional RFID tracking, which improve the output RFID products provide. We have a wide variety of RFID accessories with the simplest operational interfaces. With our high-performance accessories, we ensure that users will be satisfied when using our products.
GAOTek RFID accessories are the best when it comes to quality and performance. With GAOTek’s various types of accessories, tracking products and subjects will be much more reliably done.


With the creativity of thieves in the modern day, it only seems reasonable that citizens should also find creative ways to prevent theft. RFID tags have been designed since the 1970s in order to track valuables which run the risk of being taken, with the capabilities of being read and being able to write within a scalable range. This range is significantly larger than that of a typical barcode, which is neither writable nor as fast in comparison to reading an RFID tag. Since the chip data of these tags can be re-written, this means that the data can be constantly updated to be more relevant as changes occur. A simple click of a button can give you the information you need in a matter of seconds, and update the data just as quickly.

RFID accessories that GAOTek offers are antenna, peripherals, and portals. These accessories are composed of different frequency data in which the devices gather information. Their various sizes, types, and durable formats allow them to be used for tracking many different products and organisms, including animals. The RFID is the main instrument and it is used by many to obtain information or to give out information which is stored within an object or the actual device and the RFID accessories are additional items to make efficient use of RFID instruments. These items consist of an antenna or coil, which catch and send radio frequencies to and from the reader and the device itself. Lastly, another feature is the transceiver. This component is implemented within the RFID to ensure a more efficient way to transmit and receive communications with the help of additional accessories. With an ever growing list of uses, RFID is becoming more reliable in terms of usability; people may begin to question why they haven’t thought to use it in the first place.


GAOTek RFID Accessories offer a lot of key features that are helpful in operating the device easily and are integral for an accurate reading. Below is a list of key features that GAOTek RFID Accessories offers:

·       Portability and Accessibility - The RFID accessories are made with portability and accessibility in mind as this device is portable, compact, easy to use.

·       Durability and Ruggedness– The accessories, in most cases, carry no weight. So, the devices are very durable and cannot easily be damaged. Also, they remain functional under many to all circumstances.

·       Out of range Alert – Some of the devices has been given an out of range alert for when the object you are trying read is out of range. There is an Audio Alarm if the tracked subject is out of range.

In addition to all these features, our products have a high precision of measurements, high resolution, and quick sampling speed. More importantly, our products are also affordable when it comes to your budget. You can have different options to choose from with all the various kinds of RFID accessories manufactured by our company.


RFID technology is now extensively used today in many industries of the world; here are some of the new and old industries that incorporate RFID technology into their everyday processes:

·       Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries: RFID is used to track for basic security, as well as it is also used to monitor and manage unique fish, plants, and trees. This increases the efficiency and the production process; the end results correlate with a higher quality of products.

·       Airline and Airport: RFID are used to monitor and count the passengers boarding the flight; the passenger’s unique identification data is saved in the RFID tag and the readers send it to the server’s database where each information of each passenger is stored. This allows for more security concerning access and tracking.

·       Cleaning and Maintenance Industries: These industries depend on providing a high level of service to its clients where RFID are used to track the equipment or tools they use and it is used to manage the personnel to have a better understanding of labor performance and its operation efficiencies.

·       Government and Military: The Border and Immigration Security, Supply Chains and State of Local Agencies requires the use of RFID for accurate inventory reporting, visibility capability, and being able to provide an accurate identification of the assets and personnel. Files and documents, identifications, and licenses are monitored to be managed efficiently, which proves to increase productivity and reduce time consumption. 

·       Retail: A main user of the RFID technology, the retail industry covers sectors such as automobile dealers, department stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, accessories stores, and car rentals. All sectors share common priorities of customer service in which the use of advanced inventory tracking and enhanced customer experience are the keys to success.

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