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ID: GT00YZ00Z5

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Power-off protection  is a cost-efficient device for field professionals to measure Salinity and TDS amounts reliably.

ID: GT00YZ00Z4

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Auto-Calibration feature enables technicians to measure salinity, conductivity and resistivity levels accurately.

ID: GT00YZ00Z6

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter is designed to measure the Temperature, Salinity and TDS  and Conductivity levels accurately and effectively.

ID: GT00YZ00Z7

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Temperature and Conductance sensor is designed for technicians to test purity of water effectively.


GAO Tek Portable Conductivity Meter with DJS-1C conductance sensor is used by technicians to test purity water level effectively.