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GAO Tek offers a full portfolio of civil engineering instruments that are designed to provide technological solutions to professionals in different engineering branches. We offer a wide variety of products with multiple applications that meet the needs of civil engineering branches such as environmental, structural, water resources, mining, geotechnical and transportation engineering. Civil engineering comprises the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural built environments. Our products perform different functions such as testing, calibration, measurement, detection, analyzing and evaluation of environmental conditions, earth materials, and structures that support or resist structural loads.

Civil Engineering Products: A Detailed Description

Functions of Civil Engineering Instruments

The environmental instruments include products designed to measure sound, light, water, time and solar energy. Our devices provide affordable environmental testing solutions for monitoring and optimizing light levels, checking the moisture content, and water damage.

Structural engineering products include a variety of devices that calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for buildings and non-building structures. We provide reliable products that measure, detect and test vibration, thickness, hardness, surface resistance, insulation, and pressure among others.

Water resource engineering is the prediction, planning, development and management of water resources. Our products cover a wide range of functionalities, some of them are equipped with conductance sensors and temperature sensors to test high purity water and perform automatic or manual temperature compensation.

Mining engineering is a discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. We provide a selection of products that are designed to detect underground water leaks, underground minerals, and underground water.

Geotechnical engineering concerns the behavior of earth materials at the site of a civil engineering project. Our EMF meters are reliable instruments for measuring electromagnetic fields.

Transportation engineering is the application of technology and scientific principles to the planning, functional design, operation and management of facilities for any mode of transportation in order to provide for the safe, efficient, rapid, comfortable, convenient, economical, and environmentally compatible movement of people and goods. GAO Tek presents a collection of traffic, highway and railroad engineering products to meet the needs of field professionals.


GAO Tek´s environmental instruments are reliable, durable and well-constructed devices. Each of the products presents a variety of key features designed to enhance their performance. Some of these features include led digital display, manual or automatic temperature compensation function, DJS-1C conductance sensor, 75 hours data recordability, quick calibration, lithium ion battery, and visual vibration and auditory alarm. Other features involve large LCD touch screen, RS232 and USB port, ability to measure pure water, and power failure protection functions.

Applications and Industries

These budget-friendly and high-performance products have a wide variety of applications in many different civil engineering branches. Some of the business segments where our products have applications include hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems, safety systems to use to detect gas leaks, and the construction industry.


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