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  • April 15, 2021
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In this day and age, the extent of a company’s digital presence says a lot about their level of professionalism, relevance and know-how – and this trend is only becoming more and more valued. Over the last year, specifically, we have seen a dramatic increase in businesses who have fought hard to remain relevant and productive, and who have used the pandemic as a catapult to position themselves as industry thought leaders by providing a plethora of valuable content to their audiences through webinars and the like. GAOTek is one such company. Whilst still managing to maintain productivity levels, we have found opportunities to learn, evolve and provide valuable content for our client base – virtually – across the digital sphere. In order to provide this content, GAOTek is hosting Global Virtual Summits throughout the year, with our May Summit just around the corner. This virtual event will run from May 3rd through to May 28th, featuring a variety of speakers that address a range of topics concerning new technologies and progressing industries. These summits are designed for industry professionals to share and learn practical, up-to-date, and leading-edge information about the industry and the current trends of IoT, 5/6G, Drone, AI, 3DP, Space, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cloud and other aspects pertaining to the technology sector.

The Global Virtual Summits facilitate meaningful, educational and powerful discussions between experts, executives and other knowledgeable professionals in their fields, whilst simultaneously providing attendees and speakers with valuable networking opportunities. Through the Global Virtual Summits, panel chairs, panelists, advisors and speakers will be virtually broadcasted around the world to showcase their knowledge and information about their specific areas of expertise within the technology industry. Thousands of speakers will be at the tips of your fingers to provide insight into the multifaceted technology industry and how it relates to business, medical advancements, marketing, finance and other such avenues. GAOTek’s Global Virtual Summits offer unique opportunities for people to connect with others from all over the world; the advancement of humanity is no longer bound by the constraints of location and language. With the help of ever-evolving technology, GAOTek’s Global Virtual Summits help to form connections that might not have been possible otherwise.

Sign up to be part of the Global Virtual Summits to discover more about the world around you. Though lockdown restrictions might keep you physically constrained, GAOTek’s Global Virtual Summits are designed to increase your intellectual capacity tenfold. No need to worry if you cannot attend a specific webinar because a GAOTek membership allows you to peruse this vault of recorded webinars at your leisure!

Take advantage of all the resources that GAOTek’s Global Virtual Summits have to offer by becoming a member and registering here: A GAOTek membership will provide you with many perks, some of which include unlimited access to all live presentations and viewing recordings before they are published.

Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn for more updates. We look forward to virtually meeting you at our Global Virtual Summits!


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