Billion M2M LTE Router Series

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  • May 23, 2021
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Billion M2M LTE Router Series-M100, BiPAC 7820NZ, BiPAC 8920NZ
In the video titled Billion M2M LTE Router Series, router service products are advertised
in detail. The special qualities of these products are thoroughly explained and their
compatibility with different locations of use is provided. The safety of information and
reliability of the Billion router service products are discussed as well.
Are you looking for a secure reliable networking solution to backup your business data and improve the overall transaction experience? Introducing Billion’s M2M 3G and 4G LTE router services, supporting failover, failback, dual WAMs, and robust VPN encryption that can meet all POS, ATM, kiosk, chain stores, and retail shops’ connectivity requirements.

With a broad range of operating temperatures, M100 has passed a UL class 1 division 2 certification, making the unit ignition, and explosion-proof during the fire and explosive hazard scenarios. When M100’s primary WAN interface fails, the secondary WAN interface instantly backs up the connection to ensure a seamless link between the E1 and 3G/4G wireless interfaces. Any solution suitable for chain stores and retail shops? BiPAC 7820NZ and BiPAC 8920NZ are two outstanding dual sim 3G/4G imbedded VADSL plus YLSN and VPN routers, allowing users to insert two 3G/4G LTE sim cards, switching between two operators.

The routers are integrated with the 11n and DSL broadband, featuring a downstream speed of up to 300 megabits per second, and providing uninterruptible connectivity with failover failback, between AVDSL, and 3G/4G LTE. You will receive a notification when the disconnection occurs. Supporting multiple VPN protocols, all credit card and stocks information can be securely processed between stores’ EPOS, the company’s headquarters, and credit card authorization agencies through BIllion’s routers. Store owners will not have to worry about data loss or tampering while making a traction. Billion, your new one-stop working modem of choice.


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