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  • May 23, 2021
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Grameenphone Machine To Machine (M2M)
In the video Machine to Machine by Grameenphone, machine to machine technologies
are explained. Examples of this form of technology are provided as well as how they are
integrated into businesses. Finally, the innovative aspects of this technology are
Machine-to-Machine technologies, otherwise known as M2M, are becoming an increasingly important enabler of today’s economy. M2M technology involves network devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans. The range of connected devices includes anything from vending machines and medical equipment to vehicles and buildings, making M2M an integral part of many business verticals such as fleet management, smart utilities, mobile financial services, smart transactions, and surveillance systems.

Today, interim solutions are enabling transformations across all industries as businesses take advantage of the reach of mobile technology. M2M is making businesses of the future a reality. Grameenphone’s machine-to-machine or M2M plans provide you with a suite of connectivity enablers to support any machine-to-machine solution. We offer the country’s largest most reliable and powerful network, data plans with dedicated APN and VPN connectivity options, Industrial grade M2M SIM cards, web-based M2M control center. We are your trusted machine-to-machine technology enabler. For further details contact your GP key account manager or visit

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