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  • May 28, 2021
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This is you. You’ve got people in the field; people in sales and marketing, operations, or even retail and construction. Getting the most out of your team is tough, you need to know where they are, which clients they met, or if the job was finished properly. How long were they working? Or how long they spent on site. Are you wasting time doing it today, getting updates on WhatsApp groups, calling people, or processing end-of-day paperwork? There is a better way!

Unolo is a platform that integrates location tracking, salesforce automation, task management, and attendance, into one simple use platform. Our real-time dashboards will tell you where Phil is currently, whether Pete’s repair job is finished, whether John has reached the building site, and how much they have traveled. Our SFA system includes a geotagged CRM that allows you to do everything from your phone. It simplifies data collection so you have the information to make the right decisions and perform at peak productivity. Our task management system allows you to upload tasks so that Jon knows where to go and what to do. With your verification and picture upload, you can know whether the job was done properly and all this in real-time. Our attendance system can give you real-time headcount at your construction site or retail store, tell you automatically which clients Kate has visited, and an HRMS system that calculates working hours and supports workflows.

Unolo makes management easier at every level of your organization. Managers can ensure teams are working productively and compile data easily. Field executives are empowered and work effectively and CXOs get all the insights they need to ensure an increasing bottom line. So don’t miss out, join Unolo and supercharge your field force!

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