Lecture 4: Personal Area Networks Part 2

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  • May 7, 2021
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Lecture 4: Personal Area Networks (PAN) Part 2
Lecture 4: Personal Area Networks Part 2, is a continuation of lecture 3’s topic on personal area
networks. In this lecture, Talha Ibn Aziz, Lecturer at the Department of CSE at IUT, expands on
Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15.1), as well as other personal networks (IEEE 802.15.6 and LoWPAN).
IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth architecture and process are explained as well as the five-layer stack
that the core protocols form (radio, baseband, lank manager protocol, logical link control, and
adaptation protocol, and service discovery protocol). The lecture then moves to the definition
and characteristics of IEEE 802.15.6 Body Area Networks (BAN) which are mainly used for
consumer applications (health, vitals, hospitals, sports, military, etc). Lastly, the lecture moves
to LoWPAN or low-power wireless personal networks, which is a variation of PAN and its many


Lecture 3: Personal Area Networks

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