Lecture 10: WLAN Part 2

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  • May 7, 2021
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Lecture 10: WLAN Part 2 – IEEE 802.11

Talha Ibn Aziz – Lecturer at Department of CSE, IUT

Previously, in the last lecture, it talked about learning the new Scope of 802.11,
Reference Model, Architecture, Services, and Frame Formats. In this lecture Talha Ibn Aziz, the author talks about learning Medium Access Control Protocol. You will specifically learn about Timing and Interframe Spaces (SIFS, PIFS, EIFS, and DIFS), Collision Avoidance, Recovery Procedure and Retransmissions, Post- Backoff, Fragmentation, Hidden Stations and RTS/CTS, Synchronizing and Cell Search, Scanning Procedures in WLAN 802.11 (Passive Scanning, active


Outsourcing, Leadership and Strategic Intention

Lecture 11: WLAN Part 3

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