Lecture 14: WSN MAC Part 2 (Continued)

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  • May 7, 2021
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Lecture 14: WSN MAC Protocols Part 2 (Continued)
Talha Ibn Aziz – Lecturer at Department of CSE, IUT
In this lecture the author,
Talha Ibn Aziz is providing us with information about
wireless sensor networks. He starts off by explaining the protocols that are used, the
first one being BMAC or also known as Berkeley Mac which is used with CSMA to send
out packets. BMAC is used specifically to monitor applications, but as stated in the
lecture it can also be used for different services such as target tracking, localization, and
triggered event reporting. The Lecture will include all of the following, Clear Channel
Assessments (CCA), B-MAC Procedures, LEACH protocol, RI-MAC Protocol, MACA
Procedure, RIMA-SP, RIMA-DP. Learn what polling is, and how it is used.


Lecture 13: WSN MAC Protocols

Lecture 14: WSN MAC Part 2

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