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  • May 25, 2021
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Premium Parking Systems from KLAUS Multiparking! Made In Aitrach, Germany
Convenient parking within a limited space is an important factor in our urban lifestyle. KLAUS Multiparking offers the ideal solution here with its innovative parking systems. We at KLAUS Multiparking are dealing with mechanical car parking systems for more than 50 years now. With over 700,000 installed parking places in more than 80 different countries, we became one of the worldwide market leaders. We consider ourselves as a consultant and partner of our client and we are always looking for the best possible car parking solution.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic, the various made-in Germany parking systems allow vehicles to be parked in space-saving ways based on the intelligent use of space. This, in turn, helps protect green areas and ensures efficient use of space available. KLAUS Multiparking creates high-quality long-life state-of-the-art products of high intrinsic value and with low operating and maintenance costs. The company collaborates closely with qualified builders to offer the best possible service to customers in all aspects, from planning and design through to the installation of the optimum parking solution.

Innovative parking systems by KLAUS Multiparking.


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