Smart Parking Management System

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  • May 25, 2021
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Smart Parking Management System In Bangladesh – Integrated Parking Management Solution BD


We devote ourselves to intelligent parking system, pedestrian access control system, all-in-one card system, research, and design. The car arrives at the entry. Here, LED displays will guide the driver to select the parking area. The car enters the detector loop area. Then, the camera takes the license plate photo, recognizes the license plate number, and saves it in the software. Also saves the license plate number photo. For smart card or ticket parking system, voice prompt to take a card or ticket. When the parker takes a ticket or card, the system will take a photo of the driver and license plate and save it in software. Then, the barrier opens and the car passes. The arm will go down automatically. The available parking lot’s number reduces to one.

Car entry: The infrared sensor gives the signal, dormancy light will be awakened. Thirty seconds later, after a car passed by, the light will be in low lighting status, it’s energy-saving. The parker completes the parking rapidly with the LED display. After finished parking, the sensor detects the car, then the camera takes the bar photo number, recognizes the license plate number, for searching the car. Before the parker exits, he pays the parking fee in the auto-pay station. The system will notice the full payment process. Insert card system will calculate the parking fee automatically. The parker inputs the bill or coin, system will change it automatically and print a receipt. Parker also can pay it at the manual payment management central.

After the car leaves, the indicator light turns to be green. At the exit, it triggers the camera to snapshot the license plate number. The system identifies the entry-and-exit license plate numbers automatically. The barrier opens if the license plate number and payment are correct. For long-range card users, identify if the card is valid or not. The barrier opens if the card is valid. For temporary parkers, swallow card by card receiver, it will notice the payment at the auto-pay machine if he doesn’t pay reject card. For registered parkers, swipe card to open barriers. For temporary parkers, swallow the card and the barrier will open.

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