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  • May 23, 2021
  • 0 – Smart And Real-Time Condition Monitoring Platform For Rotating Machines
In this video, Raviteja Valluri and Surya Penmetsa, the Co-Founders of,
describe the main goal of the company and how they reduce losses. Then, details of the
product architecture are thoroughly provided. Finally, they provide the benefits of their
product and desires for the future.
At, we monitor the health of the industrial machines in order to reduce the break-downs, reduce the power consumption, and increase the lifespan. Due to unscheduled downtime, manufacturing companies are experiencing losses from $10000/min to $100000/hour. 80-90 % of these losses are due to rotating equipment that is driven by induction motors. The induction motors are consuming almost 70-80% of the power which has been given to the manufacturing plant. We are reducing those losses by monitoring these rotating machines, chest pumps, conveyor belts, compressors, fans, handling units, and many more. We do this with our AI-enabled platform that comes with an intelligent IoT device, and a mobile app that shows the health of the machine in real-time, and a customized web app that gives you actual insights to make the machines healthy and efficient.

So in the product architecture, we address hardware, software, and data problems, building a custom IoT device from the ground up, which includes the hardware as well as the software that goes on it, with the sensor attached to it. The mobile application is part of the product, which gives the plat-operator, real-time view of the condition of the motor, anytime, anywhere. And then for the software, we are making it really secure and scalable for industry-grade applications.

Our product is cost-effective, 50% more economical than any other available solutions in the market, easy, and 20-30 times faster, flexible to adapt to any production environment, can be scaled to hundreds of missions, and of course, works in real-time. We designed the product to reduce 70-80% of the break-downs, and 50% of the power wastages, which makes our product so relevant to the industry. We already started the commission deployments in the process of manufacturing the plants, and in the next five years, we are looking forward to monitoring half a million in industry missions.


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