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A traditional face-to-face event is organized with focused topics and a smaller number of presentations.  It is crammed into a tight schedule and lasts no more than several days, due to the high costs and complexities of organizing such events. Attendees have limited choices on presentations, cannot attend all presentations of interest due to tight and sometimes conflicting schedules, incur high registration, travel and other costs, and have low returns on their investments.

Although our events are named in a traditional way, namely summits with specific topics, each of our presentations is listed, promoted, and organized independently and conspicuously. By taking advantage of other features of a virtual event, we are able to offer many benefits to an attendee:


  • An attendee can purchase according to presentations, not according to a summit
  • An attendee has the freedom of choosing presentations from different summits
  • An attendee can choose presentations over a long period of time
  • An attendee pays only such presentations he or she is interested
  • An attendee can transfer or share his/her ticket with his/her colleagues
  • Presentations of similar topics are scheduled apart to minimize conflict of schedule for interested attendees
  • An attendee can get a credit back if he or she is not satisfied with a presentation
  • An attendee can even get a full refund if he or she is not satisfied

As a result, our events are delivered in a highly innovative way and are designed for the needs of our attendees and presenters by taking advantage of the online format and technologies.  All of such innovative policies are designed to ensure that our attendees and presenters are happy with our events.

Event Pricing

Before Midnight of October 15

US$299 for 15 presentations

US$399 for 30 presentations

US$599 for 60 presentations

US$1,399 for unlimited presentations

October 15 to November 31, inclusive

US$399 for 15 presentations

US$599 for 30 presentations

US$899 for 60 presentations

US$1,799 for unlimited presentations

From November 15 to November 30, 2020, inclusive

US$599 for 15 presentations

US$799 for 30 presentations

US$999 for 60 presentations

US$2,199 for unlimited presentations

Prices will be further increased on December 1, 2020:

US$749 for 15 presentations

US$999 for 30 presentations

US$1,299 for 60 presentations

US$2,749 for unlimited presentations

You can get a full refund of the ticket within 30 days after purchase if you are not satisfied.

Each Ticket Is:

  • Valid for 9 months from the date of purchase.
  • Valid for the presentations at 2020 Global ICT Summit, 2020 IoT & RFID Summit, and forthcoming 2021 events on both www.gaotek.com and www.gaorfid.com.
  • Transferable and sharable within your organization. Within 9 months of the purchase, you or anybody in your organization with whom you share the ticket can attend live presentations at any of our virtual events.


By attending these professional presentations, in addition to learning from experts in the industry, you get the valuable opportunities to know, mingle, and discuss with executives, managers, employers, gurus, and fellow professionals in the industry, improving your professional expertise and expanding your professional network.


All of the above tickets are valid for all events on both www.gaotek.com and www.gaorfid.com until March 31, 2021 if bought in 2020, or valid for three months from the date of purchase if bought in 2021.

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