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GAOTek offers a set of fiber meters with wide range of products that comprises of optical power meter, PON power meters, fiber loss testers, and fiber optic multimeter which are aimed to upgrade the existing network type such as FTTx, LAN and WAN. In addition, these devices are extremely useful for evaluating the average power in fiber optic system.

Functions of Meters

Optical power meters are used to measure relative optical power loss using the length of optical fiber. These meters support FTTx deployments, fiber network testing, basic power measurement and certification reporting capabilities. These types of devices are specially used to assess photon energy emitted from photodiodes, thermopiles, or pyroelectric detectors. Optical power meters are used to evaluate the performance of optical terminal equipment by determining the optical network transmission side absolute power. Moreover, by using stable light source along with power meter will make device capable of measuring the connection loss and helps to determine the quality of fiber link transmission.


GAOTek’s fiber meter are small, light in weight and easy to carry devices. These devices come along with quick-start operation which can save warm-up and boot-up time for client. Moreover, they are perfect suited for installation of optical power and in maintenance of application as it has rechargeable battery and battery charger that can run under both power meter and light source functions. These devices have some unique features like safety cover for protection vibration and dropping, power-saving mode that make fiber meter more reliable and these products can be easily connected to PC via USB devices for uploading data, calibration of optical fiber, threshold modifying with the help of GAO test console software.

Applications and Industries

Fiber meters are powerful and dependable maintenance tool that are widely used in internet, wide area network, local area network, cable, communications, and telecommunications systems. They have diverse application usage in fields such as engineering, telecommunication network, CATV systems, fiber optic labs and light detection. Common applications include the maintenance of fiber networks, CWDM systems, DWDM systems, and FTTX networks.


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