200 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. recommends this 200 MHz USB PC based oscilloscope which is a most versatile and widely-used electronic instrument for the maintenance of electronic equipment and laboratory work in fields such as science, medicine, engineering and telecommunications.

This 200 MHz USB PC based oscilloscope, model A0120008, is easy to carry and is suitable for use with a notebook computer. It displays waveform average, persistence, intensity, invert, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and X-Y plot. It also provides 20 measurement functions as well as FFT spectrum analysis. It is equipped with a USB2.0 interface without the need for an external power source.

This high performance 9-bit, two-channel 200 MHz USB PC based digital storage oscilloscope combines the functions of an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, waveform recorder, signal generator and multi-meter into this single device. It operates at up to 200 MS/s real-time sampling. Its waveform output can be saved in text, MS Word, Excel or graphic (JPG or BMP) formats under Windows 98 to Windows Vista OS.

This 200 MHz USB PC based oscilloscope belongs to GAO’s family of USB PC Based Oscilloscopes. Other similar products in this line are 40 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope which offers 23 measurement functions, 60 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope which operates at up to 150 MS/s real-time sampling rate at a bandwidth of 60 MHz and 100 MHz USB PC Based Oscilloscope. It also includes Digital Storage Oscilloscope which integrates a digital oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, a FFT spectrum analyzer, an electronic counter and a clock Jitter analyzer into one device.

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