Digital Color Video Quad Processor

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its color video quad processor supporting both PAL and NTSC modes. It is equipped with high and low alarm output modes, an auto switch PIP mode consisting of three selectable sub-window modes and simultaneous freeze frame window function. The video quad processor uses image compression and digital processing technologies. It would be an ideal choice for users.

This color video quad processor, model A0410004, supports multiple video display modes including sequence switch, single picture, quad picture, PiP, freeze-frame and zoom. And it also has various alarm modes including video loss alarm, video motion alarm, external alarm and moving detection alarm. It detects motion in up to 48 areas and has 256 levels of sensitivity. The alarm duration is adjustable from 1s to 30s. This color video quad processor exchanges data via a RS232 or RS485 interface. It is equipped with single video mode and displays data, time and picture on its screen automatically. In addition, the video quad processor also performs duplex operation with VCR playback.

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