Digital Function Generator Intended for Production Testing and Instrument Maintenance

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its digital function generator for production testing and instrument maintenance. It is capable of generating sine, triangle, square, and other waveforms with frequencies up to 5 MHz. It is also widely used in other fields such as medicine, education, chemical, communication, and industry control.

This digital function generator, model A0230001, features variable DC offset control, high resolution, INT/EXT AM/FM modulation, LIN/LOG sweep mode and Gate Controlled Voltage (GCV) output for synchronization. It operates at a frequency range of 0.3 Hz to 3 MHz or 0.5 Hz to 5 MHz. It has an external voltage controlled frequency (VCF) function, duty cycle control with signal inversion capacity, two-step and variable attenuation and a built-in 6 digit counter with INT/EXT functions up to 100 MHz. The function generator offers various means of output waveform modulation including sine, triangle, square, ramp, TTL and COMS output waveforms. In addition, it has the ability to automatically and repetitively sweep the frequency of the output waveform between two operator-determined limits.

This user-friendly digital function generator belongs to GAO’s family of Logic Analyzers and Generators. A featured product in this line is Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Frequency Counter, This line also includes Digital RF Millivoltmeter and Frequency Counter , Radio Frequency Signal Generator, and DDS Arbitrary Function Generator/Counter which utilizes VFD (visible vacuum fluorescent) techniques to create stable and accurate output signals with a wide selection of low distortion standard and arbitrary waveforms.

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