EVM2812 TI DSP Evaluation Board for Motion Control System

Toronto, CanadaGAO Tek Inc. is offering its EVM2812 TI DSP evaluation board which has a 32-bit fixed-point Flash DSP operating at 150 MHz. This evaluation board is specially optimized for motor driving and control systems.

This EVM2812 TI DSP evaluation board, model B0M10002, is based on the MS320F2812 series DSPs. It features on-chip flash program memory, on-chip and extendable SRAM and extendable EEPROM. This module forms a complete digital servo motion control system by interfacing with one or two Low/High Voltage Driver boards to drive one or two motors. It utilizes two independent MC-BUS designed for motion control system and standard RS232, and CAN communication interfaces for data exchange.

This evaluation board provides on-board VL-Bus data/address/control lead-out wires and special function pins also with lead-out wires. It also offers on board IEEE1149 JTAG interface for real-time emulation. In addition, it is equipped with custom designed power supply with reference voltage to provide superior A/D sampling accuracy.

This high performance TI DSP evaluation board belongs to GAO’s family of TI DSP Evaluation Boards. This line also includes TI DSP Evaluation Board (2812EVM-I) which offers code for testing CCS, PWM, ADC, SPI, SCI, CAN communication, FFT, DC brush/brushless motor and AC motor SPWM and SVOWM, TI DSP Evaluation Board & Tool: MCK2812 LV (Low Voltage) Servomotor Driver which is designed for high performance DMC systems and High Voltage Servomotor Driver which directly connects with one or two DC brush/brushless servomotors, AC asynchronous motors, AC permanent-magnet synchronous servomotors or stepper motors to form a digital servo-motion control system.

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