Fiber Testing Equipments Are Getting Smarter

Advanced technological developments in network infrastructure are one of the prime factors to have boosted the uptake of fiber optic testing equipment in the past few years globally. Fiber optic testing involves a variety of equipment and applies to myriad applications. OTDRs, optical spectrum analyzers, power meters, light sources, and other instruments are common tools of the fiber optic testing trade. Today’s technological developments in network infrastructure demands manufacturers to engineer equipments to endure outside plant environments, and feature intuitive user interfaces that provide quick results without complicated training requirements. In a nutshell, they need to be faster, advanced and smarter.


The rising complexity of end-user technologies has invigorated the global market, resulting in a new generation of handheld test equipment that is not only high performing, but also scalable. Portable electronic test instruments are becoming increasingly multifunctional. These devices are capable of testing for different standards including global system for mobile communication (GSM), general packet radio service (GPRS), wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) and Long-term Evolution (LTE).

Handheld devices have lower capital costs than other technologies, and are easy to maintain. Field personnel and small industrial establishments value this dependability and low lifetime costs more than the sophistication of emerging or bench-top technologies.


Manufacturers are seeking to build on the devices’ ease of use by incorporating touch screen control, and its versatility through longer battery life. With advancements in wireless network connectivity, battery-operated instruments can be applied in remote and challenging environments through android and Apple phones and tablets.

Integrated FOTE

The fiber optic test equipment market is also showing good growth due to the growing importance of integrated test equipments. The integrated/combinational FOTE is on the rise because it adds more value to the end user. These instruments are modular in nature and can be used for multiple test scenarios.

With new technologies, the test equipment is getting smarter and priced at a higher rate than the basic instruments. Vendors who are able to offer all kinds of bench-top and portable instruments will be able to balance their portfolio to address all applications of end users and serve customer needs accordingly.

Keeping abreast with this trend, manufacturers like GAOTek are offering its customers a wide selection of fiber optic cable testers and test equipment. Our high quality and affordable fiber optic cable testers and test equipments are designed to be rugged and portable for everyday field use and highly accurate to ensure the best result possible in the quickest time.


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