Handheld Optical Power Meter Provides Multi-Wavelength Precise Measurement

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. is offering its handheld optical power meter used in the testing of LAN, WAN, CATV, metropolitan area networks and other long-distance fiber networks. It serves as a powerful tool in fiber optic installation and maintenance.

The compact portable optical power meter, model C0260008, tests optical power at a wavelength range of 800 nm to 1700 nm. Calibrated wavelengths including 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625 nm are available. It provides multi-wavelength precise measurements and conducts light identification and indication of 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 1 kHz and 2 kHz frequencies. It can also be used for linearity and non-linearity testing and displays both direct and relative tests of optical power.

The high performance device also efficiently performs both absolute power measurement and relative power measurement. It utilizes standard adapters (FC, ST, SC and LC) for connection to diverse fiber ports. Also, it is equipped with a large LCD display with backlight and is powered by 4 AA batteries for a long operating duration of approximately 150 h.

This easy-to-use optical power meter belongs to GAO’s family of Power Meters. Other featured products in this line contain Handheld Optical Power Meter which offers automatic wavelength identification and switching to intelligent backlight control; Handheld PON Power Meter specially designed for the construction and maintenance of PON networks which can be connected between OLT and ONT; Fiber Optic Multimeter which performs closed-loop tests by using both optical power meter module and optical light source module.

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