Portable Digital Scope w/FFT

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. has launched its portable digital scope w/FFT with 20 types of automatic measurements. It is commonly used for electronic circuit debugging, circuit testing, design and manufacture, education and training, automobile maintenance and testing.

This 2 channel digital storage oscilloscope, model A0110001, is available in three different bandwidths of 25, 60 or 100 MHz and comes complete with 2 passive probes which are switchable between 1:1 and 10:1 input ratio. It can detect the average and peak values of a waveform and can store up to 5000 waveform points per channel. It provides a real-time sampling rate of 100 MSa/s and a rise time of less than 14 ns. The digital scope provides an autoscale function, multiple-waveform calculation function, FFT function and automatic settings function for fast set up. It offers advanced triggering functions including edge trigger, video trigger and alternate trigger. In addition, this portable digital scope uses RS232 or USB interfaces for data storage and printing.

This portable digital scope belongs to GAO’s family of Portable Digital Oscilloscopes. The family includes a variety of digital oscilloscopes with different bandwidths and sampling rates such as Handheld 2 Channel 60 MHz Digital Oscilloscope/DMM which is an ideal tool for engineers and technicians in the performance of complex measurements and troubleshooting during on-site inspection and PS1062CA Portable Digital Oscilloscope which maintains a balance in performance, size and cost to meet the needs for low bandwidth debugging.

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