Single Clamp Earth Tester Features Automatic Self-Calibration

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc.  is offering its single clamp earth tester which simplifies ground loop testing and enables non-intrusive leakage current measurement. It is widely used in telecommunication systems, electric power systems and in the fields of resistance testing for earth resistance of various equipment and buildings.

This single clamp earth tester, model A0E10001, features easy operation, high accuracy measurement and anti-interference. It measures the integrated value of ground resistance and also tests the leakage current of ground wires. The tester goes beyond the limitations of traditional methods of earth resistance testing as it does not require the disconnection of the ground wire. Earth ground loop testing and continuity testing can be completed without breaking the circuit. This tester offers a wide ground loop resistance range from 0.01 to 1000 Ω with a resolution of 0.001 to 20 Ω at the highest accuracy of ±(1% + 0.01 Ω). It also features automatic self- calibration ensuring correct measurement every time. In addition, the tester is equipped with a 4 bit digital LCD display screen and provides a memory capacity of 50 groups of results.

This handheld single clamp earth tester belongs to GAO’s family of Earth Ground Testers. An advanced product in the family is Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester. This line also includes Handheld Earth Ground Tester and Portable DC Ground Fault Locator which uses advanced computation methods and fuzzy logic to rapidly and accurately display the insulation level of a tested circuit branch providing an insulation index and waveform. This line of earth ground testers is widely used in detecting reliable ground connections and measuring earth ground resistance.

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