Global 5G Data Network Summit

Global 5G Data Network Summit

May 1 – May 31, 2021, 2022, 2023
August 1 – August 31, 2021, 2022, 2023
November 1 – November 30, 2021, 2022, 2023
February 1 – February 28, 2022, 2023

As the age of wireless technology and data transmission progresses, 5G technology leads the way in revolutionizing Internet communications. The Global 5G Data Network Summit encompasses five forums to explore the role of 5G technology in deployments; security and privacy; systems and architecture; special verticals; and applications.

The 5G Deployments Forum will examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted cities worldwide as they continue to introduce 5G providers that affect all areas of life. Topics of 5G’s use in government, military, agriculture and beyond will be discussed. The 5G Security and Privacy Forum will provide new insights on concerns of location data privacy that arise with 5G technology, and its benefits of tracking attacks and improving other security. Along with 5G data comes intelligent frameworks like the Radio Access Technology to support it, as the 5G Systems and Architecture Forum will discuss. The 5G Special  Verticals Forum provides an analysis of new systems and services resulting from COVID-19 and other technological advancements including smart factories, autonomous driving, immersive  education, and mobile e-health. 5G technology will be used in these products and beyond, and these innovations will soon be the norm of everyday life. 5G continues to be implemented into new applications as well, as smart communities and industrial IoT grow in popularity and its relevance in Big Data analytics increases widespread access to information.

The new global standard of 5G wireless technology connects virtually everyone and everything, and it is one of the fastest and most advanced technologies ever seen. The Global 5G Data Network Summit will focus on 5G’s worldwide benefits and how it will significantly improve businesses’ efficiency and consumers’ access to quick information.

5G Deployments Forum

Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on 5G Deployments

Understand “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Network” Proposed by the US

Impact of “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Network” on 5G Deployments

Closing the Gap between Research and Implementation

Experimental prototypes, Test-Bed and Field Trial Experiences

Multi-Objective 5G System Modelling and Analysis—Performance, Energy, Reliability, Robustness

5G Interconnections Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference

Real Case Deployment Scenarios and Results

5G deployment at Government, Aerospace & Military and ISPs

5G deployment on Agriculture, Retails, Smart Cities, etc.

5G Interconnections among ISPs Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference management

Gap Analysis for Real Deployments

5G and Future Internet Architectures

Standardization and Regulation

5G Security and Privacy Forum  

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic and 5G Security and Privacy

“5G Clean Path” and “Clean Network” and Security and Privacy

5G and Blockchain

5G Privacy and Security Concerns

Identification and Authentication Issues

Intrusion Detection in 5G

Cryptography, Key Management, Authentication and Authorization for 5G

Cross-layer Attacks in 5G

Security with QoS Optimization in 5G

Privacy based Channel Access in 5G

5G Forensic Science

Big Data and Information Integrity in 5G

Communication Security in 5G

Security Standards in 5G

Open Communities, Open API, Open Source


 5G Systems and Architecture Forum

Impact of “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Network” on 5G Systems and Architecture

Massive MIMO, MU-MIMO, Multi-RAT System Architectures

Reconfigurable and Switching Wireless Network Topologies

RF Beamforming, Digital Beamforming and Hybrid Beamforming Architectures

Beam Steering and Phased Arrays

Antenna System Architectures

5G Radio Designs

RFIC and CMOS Technologies and Architectures for 5G

RF, PA, PLL, Source, Phase Shifting, ADC/DAC/Modem Blocks

Full-Duplex and STAR Architectures and Evaluation Methods

RF Blockers and Interference Cancelers

Test and Measurement Over Entire 5G Ecosystem.

Multi-Standard Coverage and Measurement Approaches

Antennas and Massive MIMO OTA Tests

Array Timing and Synchronization

Channel Measurements and Modeling

Radio Measurements at Microwave and mmWaves

Signal Characterization

5G Device/Component Level Testing;

mmWave Material, Transistor and Nonlinear Device Measurements

Terahertz (6G)

5G Special Verticals Forum                                                     

Systems and Services as a Result of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

Systems and Services as a Result of “5G Clean Path” and “Clean Network” Proposed by the US

Tactile Internet

Smart Factories and Industry 4.0

Automotive, Intelligent Transport

5G & Autonomous Driving

Industrial 5G Service Creation and Management Aspects

Smart Grid, Energy Management

5G-based Supply Chains & Logistics

5G Wireless Networks for the Industrial Internet of Things

E-Health and Mobile Health over 5G Networks

Backward Compatibility:



Fax over IP




5G Applications Forum

Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic on 5G Applications

Smart Cities, Smart Public Places

Smart Home, and 5G-Based Building Automation

Smart Agriculture and Water Management

Cyber-Physical systems, Context Awareness, Situation Awareness, Ambient Intelligence

Collaborative Applications and Systems

Service Experiences and Analysis

5G and Cloud Services

Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services and Production

5G Wireless Networks for Body Sensors

Crowd-Sensing, Human Centric Sensing

Big Data and 5G Data Analytics

Internet Applications Naming and Identifiers

Social-Aware 5G Networks

Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence

Cognitive and Reasoning about Things and Smart Objects

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and 5G

Horizontal Application Development for 5G

Design Principles and Best Practices for 5G Application Development

Open Communities, Open API, Open Source


Vertical Oriented Applications

Healthcare, e-Health, Assisted Living

Building Management and Operation Automation

Environmental Monitoring

Connected Car, Automotive

Intelligent Transport

Aerospace and Defense

Smart Grid, Energy Management

Utilities Management and Operation

Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services

Mining, Oil & Gas, Digital Oilfield, Electronic Oilfield

Agriculture, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retailing

Logistics, Entertainment

Large Event Management

Industrial Service Creation and Management

Financial Services

Health of Machinery

Highway, Rail Systems

Industry of the Future, e.g., Industry 4.0

Media & Entertainment

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