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Media Converters

GAOTek presents a selection of Media Converters like Fast Fiber Converters, Gigabit Fiber Converters and Fiber Switches. A Media Converter helps you to connect to various types of media like twisted pair, fiber or coax within a network. These are most commonly used to insert fiber segments into copper networks. This gives you the flexibility to extend your Ethernet network beyond the 100-meter limit imposed by copper cable.


The Fiber Media Converters are also called as “Fiber Converters” as these receive data signals and sends through one media and converts the signals, transmits those signals into another kind of media. Fiber converters can convert the signals sent from copper cable to the signals that run on the fiber cable. There are various types like copper to fiber and fiber to fiber conversion devices and single mode fiber converters as well as multi-mode fiber converters. For the single-mode converters, there are dual fiber type and these function both as transmitting media and receiving media; while the multi-mode fiber converters there are only dual fiber types. The Ethernet fiber media converters are different and a typical Multimode Ethernet fiber media converter has a working distance maximum of about 2 kms, while single mode Ethernet fiber media has a working distance ranging from 20km, 40km, 60km, 80km up to 120kms.


Media Converters work on the Link Integrity Test Feature. If the cable is broken, the Link LED on the media converter associated with that portion will go out. Media Converters have two separate MAUs. MAU’s refer to the Media Attachment Units which are also known as Transceivers. These help in passing data to and from each other.

Media converters are protocol-specific and are available to support a large type of networks and data rates.

Applications and Industries
  • Increase the capacity of the existing fiber with WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) wavelengths when used along-with multiplexers.
  • Some new applications of media converters include remotely managed converter and multi-port switch configurations.
  • Help in converting WDM wavelengths for enhancing bandwidth capacity.
  • They help to enable the fiber-to- the-desktop.


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