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GAO-FOA-102 1
GAO-FOA-102 1

GAOTek Fixed Optic Attenuator 15 dB (Inline Steel Tube Ceramic Ferrule)

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GAOTek Fixed Optic Attenuator 15 dB (Inline Steel Tube Ceramic Ferrule) has an in-line fixed loss that reduces the source power to an acceptable detection level with 15 dB attenuation value.  GAOTek Optic attenuator is 100 % optical performance and factory tested. It is environmentally stable and high-power light source durability. It has metal ion doped fiber and comes with wavelength independence.


  • Attenuation levels ranging from 1 dB to 30 dB, with standard and premium tolerances, plus custom configurations.
  • 1310 nm, 1550 nm, 1250 nm to 1625 nm and 1350 nm/1550 nm dual wave lengths.
  • Metal ion doped fiber with wavelength independence
  • Environmentally stable, compact packaging
  • High-power light source durability

Technical Specifications

Fiber Connection Single Mode, Multimode
Operating Wavelength 850 nm,1310 nm 1550 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm
Attenuation values 1 dB ~10 dB/ 15 dB/ 20 dB/ 25 dB/ Specified
Attenuation Accuracy <±0.5 dB for 1 dB-10 dB, <±1 dB for 11 dB-30 dB
Polish Type PC UPC APC
Return Loss 50 dB 55 dB 65 dB
Connector Type FC, SC, ST, LC, MU FC, SC
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤ 0.2 dB
Maximum Optical Input Power 200 mW
Bandwidth ±40 nm
Port Type Female/ Male
Housing Material Metal
Ferrule Material Ceramic
Operating Temperature -40 °F to 176 °F (-40 °C ~ 80 °C)
Storage Temperature -67 °F to 185 °F (-55 °C ~ 85 °C)

Additional Information

Ordering Information:

Fiber Type Connector Type Polish Type Attenuation Wavelength
50/125 µm
62.5/125 µm9/125 µm
3 dB,5 dB,
7 dB,10 dB,
15 dB,20 dB,
25 dB
850 nm,
1310 nm,
1550 nm,
1310/1550 nm,
1310/1490 nm


  • Telecommunication Networks and CATV Networks
  • Data Communications Networks
  • Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA)
  • Dense Wave Division Multiplexers (DWDM)
  • Overpowered fiber optic systems

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