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GAO 5856 ADSL:ADSL2+ Tester
GAO 5856 ADSL:ADSL2+ Tester

GAO Tek 5856 ADSL/ADSL2+ Tester

ID: A0050006tek

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Product Description


GAO’s ADSL/ADSL2+ Tester is the latest test solution for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and RE-ADSL installation, maintenance and measurement. Its powerful test set provides all test functions required in the field, such as upstream and downstream rate measurement, error count, digital multi meter (DMM), modem simulation, and PING and Trace testing. By simply plugging the ADSL / ADSL2+ connections into the tester, test results are obtained with one push of the “Auto Test” key. With its compact, handheld design and easy-to-use interface, this ADSL/ADSL2+ tester is and the excellent tool for technicians.

Key Features

  • Automatically fit for the ADSL line standards, real-time display ADSL line connection status
  • Handheld design and easy-to-use
  • High resolution backlight large LCD
  • Automatically start up the line parameter testing function via the ” Automatic testing” key,display the test result directly.
  • Measure line parameter automatically with “Auto Test” key
  • Upgrade the embedded chipset via Ethernet interface to meet the development of ADSLstandard as well as to make user’s investment worthwhile.
  •  Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and smart charger circuit.
  • Battery recharged automatically. With Indication of the status of charge and voltage.
  • Recharge time less than 2.5 hours.
  •  Various Voice alarm and LED indications
  • Automatic shut off
  • Can be charged with automobile cigarette lighter battery adapter
  • Histogram analysis
  • Light, small in size and easy to carry around

Basic Functions

Support ADSL (G.DMT, G.Lite, T1.413) , ADSL2+ (G.992.5), ADSL2 (G.992.3), RE-ADSL (Annex L)

  • ADSL line parameter measurement:
    – Upstream and downstream Practical Bit Rate
    – Upstream and downstream Max Bit Rate
    – Upstream and downstream SNR Margin (Signal to Noise Ratio)
    – Upstream and downstream Line Attenuation
    – Upstream and downstream Transmit Power
    – Upstream and downstream Utilization Rate
    – ADSL line modulate mode, channel, connection status indication:
    – SNR and Character bits allocation (graphic format) under 256/512 DMT
  • ADSL statistics error counts:
    – Transmission of total frames
    – Severe Error Frame (SEF)
    – Loss of Signal (LOS)
    – Loss of Frame (LOF)
    – Reed-Solomon Forward Error Corrections
    – Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Anomalies
    – Header Error Check (HEC)
    – Out of Cell Delineation (OCD)
    – No Cell Delineation (NCD)
    – Error Second (ES), Sever Error Second (SES), The number of unavailable seconds(UAS)
    – Bite Error (BE)
    – Signal Cell (SC), Digital Signal Cell
  • Line error

– Total test Codes
– Line Error Bit
– Bit error rate

  •  DMM
    – AC, DC voltage
    – Loop feeding current
    – Round resistance
    – Line capacitance
    – Line insulation capacitance
    – Estimate line distance
  • MODEM simulation – Substitutes ADSL MODEM, Supports Bridge, PPPoE, PPPoA, MER, IPoA regulation to perform ISP simulation login and verify operational performance of the terminal equipment.

– Real-time display rate and flux

  • PING testing
    – WAN PING testing: IP or domain PING testing, statistical percentage of PING packet loss
    – LAN PING testing: IP PING testing, determining faultily connected PC and statistical percentage of PING packet loss
  • Trace testing
    – Trace IP transmit route
    – Display IP route
  • Upgradeable software via an integrated RS-232 interface
  • Test results uploaded, saved and printed by Test Manager Pro Software

Technical Specifications

Item Description
Line Connectors RJ-11,RJ-45,DMM connector
Line Mode DMT
Downstream Rate 24Mb/s
Upstream Rate 1.2Mb/s
Max Transmit Distance Supported 6.5km
Alarm and Status Indication ALARM,LAN LINK/CTIVE,WAN

LINK,WAN ACTIVE, Battery Voltage low

Line standards Supported ADSL (G.DMT, G. Lite, T1.413.Issue 2),

ITU G.992.3(G. DMT.bis),

ITU G.992.4(G. lite.bis),

ADSL 2+ (ITU G.992.5),

ITU G.992 Annex A, Annex B,

Annex C (FBM and DBM),

Annex L(RE – ADSL),

Annex M (Double UPStream),


Encapsulation Supported PPP over ATM (PPPoA),

PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE),


DMM Parameters AC, DC Voltage (0% to 400V 1%);

Loop feeding current

(0 mA to 400mA 1%);

Loop resistance testing

(0Ωto 40000Ω 1%);

Line Capacitance

(0nF to 4000nF 1%);

Line insulation resistance

(0MΩ to 40MΩ 2%)

Series Port RS-232C
Recharge Batteries 5×1.2V AA NiMH batteries,

continuous working for over 2 hours

Recharge Time Embedded smart charger circuit,

recharge time less than 2.5 hours

AC Power Adapter AC adapter,DC12V/1.5A
Test   Manager  Pro Software WIN2000/ME/XP
Temperature 0℃ to 50℃
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions  243mm×90mm×60mm,

or 243mm×128mm×60mm (L×W×H)

Weight Approx 700g

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