GAOTek Ultrasonic Flow Meter

GAOTek Ultrasonic flow meter is suitable for measuring the flow rate of various sizes.




GAOTek Ultrasonic flow meter is suitable for measuring the flow rate of various sizes. The measurement range is 0.01 ~ 32m/s. The measuring medium is a single stable liquid, such as water, seawater, sewage, alcohol, and so on. The measuring material is a uniform and dense pipe of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, PVC, steel, and so on. Therefore, it can be widely used in various fields related to flowmeters. This product can be connected to the Internet through GPRS and WIFI.



  • Backup and restore setting parameters.
  • Using wireless infrared remote control menu interface.
  • The output of analog output can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  • Width adjustable pulse output.
  • Supported isolation 4-20mA output.
  • Support HART protocol. (Domestic first).
  • Support Bluetooth, GPRS, GPS communication Backup and restore settings.
  • Support custom serial data format. (When ordered).
  • Support storage mode can choose EEPROM, TFT memory card, or USB storage.
  • It supports dual-channel measurement function. (Customizing more channels).


Technical Specifications

(1) Flow rate range 0.01 ~ ±32 m/s 
(2) Flow range 0.1 to 99999999 m3/h caliber (mm)
(3) Diameter range DN32- 393.70 in (10000mm) (selected sensor when order) 
(4) Accuracy Linearity is better than 0.5%, repeatability accuracy is better than 0.2%, up to 40 picosecond time difference measurement resolution, so that the measurement accuracy reaches + 1%.
(5) Pulse output Isolated programmable OCT output 
(6) Working voltage Isolation of DC12-36V or AC180-250V 
(7) Shell material Cast aluminum /ABS (host), sensor (ABS).
(8) Installation Wall hanging (main engine), magnetic sucker, and hoop (sensor). 
(9) Protection grade IP65 (host), IP65 (sensor) (customizable higher protection level).


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