Ammonia NH3 Gas Detector(Beep Sound, Auto Zero, Record Mode)



GAOTek Ammonia Gas Detector detects the presence of NH3 and measures concentrations between 1-1000ppm with beep sound above 220ppm, auto zero and record mode.

Key Features

  • Digital LCD display
  • Auto zero
  • Memory for 10 complete data sets
  • Record mode
  • LED light audible alarm
  • High accuracy, quick response
  • pocket size and easy to use
  • fast sampling
  • Max hold
  • data hold
  • auto power off
  • above 50ppm. The beeper sounds continuously

Technical Specifications

Operating temperature 32F-122Fᅠ (0 to 50?)
Storage temperature ᅠ32F-68Fᅠ (0 to 20?)
Operating humidity 0~90% relative humidity
Measurement range 0-1000ppm
Measurement resolution 1ppm
Accuracy 5% or ᄆ10ppm
Warm up period Less than 2seconds
Battery 6v,4*1.5AAA battery
Auto power off After 15 minutes of inacticity
Sensor type Stabilized electrochemical gas-specific
Typical sensor life 3 years
Size ᅠ6.30in x 2.17in x 1.57in


Weight ᅠ0.34lbs (156g)


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