Anemometer with Temperature (Humidity, NTC Temp Sensor)




Technical Specifications

 Air speed plastic impeller (Φ30mm)
 Tem NTC temperature sensor
 Parameters m/s, km/h, fpm, kts, Bft. °F/°C,wind chill
 Air speed 0.4 to 20mile/s, 80 to 4000fpm
 Tem. -10 to 50°C; +14 to 122°F
 Resolution 0.1m/s; 0.1°C/°F
 Accuracy ± (2% reading +0.2 m/s); ± (2% reading +40fpm; ±0.5°C; ±0.9°F
 Sampling time 0.5s
 Protection class lp30
 Ambient Temp. -10 to 50°C; +14 to 122°F
 Storage/transport conditions -20 to 70°C; -4 to 158°F
 Power supply 3*1.5V, AAA(LR03)
 Battery life 300hours (without display light)


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